Responsibilities (additional duties may be assigned by Dept Manager)
•  Work as part of a team having responsibility for assembling an entire product or component of a product
•  Ability to work independently or as production team member
•  Use hands (and/or hand tools) to put together products
•  Receive raw materials, assemble parts and package finished products
•  Ensure that materials and time are not wasted and that everything is done efficiently in order to meet the desired targets
•  Label boxes for tracking and inventory purposes
•  Participates in and satisfactorily completes all required training related to job
•  Reports defective materials or questionable conditions to the department supervisor
•  Maintains and organizes work area and equipment in a clean and orderly condition and follows prescribed safety regulations
•  Completes tasks as directed by Foreman and manufacturing schedules with minimum supervision
•  Good hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity is required
•  Flexibility and adaptability to work in any department of the company
Skills and Experience
•  Communication proficiency (English language)
•  Learning Orientation
•  Teamwork Orientation
•  Problem Solving